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dans les 48 h qui ont suivies la mort de Joey.

Thanks for your help Joey.
Play a duo with Zappa up there Joey.
You guys helped me through the lateseventies and all through the eighties.

My thoughts
I just heard. I didn't think something like this would have such an effect on
me. I never knew the man and I know he wasn't into the whole rock star schtick.
All I can say is that the zit faced, geeky, dorky, outcast feeling, can't get
a boy/girlfriend have lost one of our own. And I for one am really feeling it. 
Thank you Joey for helping some of us not feel like we are alone. All my heart
felt condolences to his family,friends and fans.

He was the best, the fuckin best.   


At least I got to see him one last time on the farewell tour

Man, I never met the guy, only went to his shows and listened to the music,
but i feel like I lost a family member

Why am I so Sad About Joey?
Hello.. This is the first time ive visted this forum..
I dont have any Ramones records, although Ive always enjoyed ROck'n'Roll HIgh
SHcool .. Im only familiar with a handful of theyre songs.  So tell me why
Ive been sad all day at the passing Of Joey Ramone?  I didnt care that much
when other Rock icons passed. i.e. Jerry Garcia, Cobain.  Its not even that
much of a shock as Ive been hearing reports of his failing health on the
Howard Stern show for a while but its still amazing how bummed out I am.
SO can someone explain to this non-Ramones fanatic why it hit so hard?

Re: Why am I so Sad About Joey?
...because i guess he was not the usual selfish rock'n roll star, but
someone like you and me.
him and friends changed this fucked up musical buisness forever but they
were just smart enough to still being the average music fan next door.
I don't know...I feel like being really drunk...

Re: Why am I so Sad About Joey?
Same with me. Most of the people who had an impact on my life were
already dead. I really didn't know the impact they had on my life until
I heard. The Ramones opened up a whole new world of music for me. They
could always put me in a good mood no matter how bad my day was, get me
thought the worst gridlock, shorten the longest work day, They were my
saviors. Right now I don't know what to do with myself, I'm in a weird
state of confusion over the fact that I am on the verge to tears over
someone I never met. I feel like I have more to say but I'm pretty
loaded right now.

You understand of course....

And to make it worse, the song in the background is taunting me.
"I got a lot to say, I got a lot to say, I can't remember now....."

I'm 58 years old.
MY son was heavily into the punk movement; even played at CBs in his own band.
I'm proud to say I was there to videotape his performance. I guess the music
made me feel young. Of all the records and CDs I heard around the house during
the punk years, the ones that really held my attention were by the Ramones and
the Clash. I even got to see the Ramones; must have been one of their last
performances, at New York's Academy of Music (now deceased). Please allow an
old coot (who was 13 years old in 1956 at the birth of rock and roll) to share
in your tributes and grief. Joey Ramone will surely live on as legend.   

fighting back tears
This morning a young client came in and told me the news....I had no idea he
would even know who Joey was......just goes to show you how many people he
touched....damnshitfuckpisshell.....I've been tearing up all day...this is a
sad day, but at least the pain has stopped.

Tell the rest we still miss them
We'll miss you Joey.

Tell D.Boon we still miss him.

Punks may die, Punk will not

Strength to Endure
that's what Joey and the others gave to me during the past 20+ years.

Dee Dee wrote it, but Joey breathed life into it:
"Highest Trails Above"

Sinking into the stars
Diving in for a swim
Soaring like a super hero
Past the end of Disneyland

Through dragon mist
Above alpine peaks
To the cloudy lace
To the highest trails above

Peace out Joey.  You saved my fucking life man.

Joey Rock n Roll died yesterday!
Rest in peace Joey and thanx for my youth!
RAMONES forever!

Rocket to Heaven
Funny thing- yesterday afternnon i hung up a new Ramones poster I won on
ebay- then at night i was driving relatives home from Easter and a news
bulletin comes on 1010 wins news- punk rock icon- JOEY RAMONE- dead- almost
went off the road- and guess what exit i was at- ROCKAWAY BEACH- no shit

saw Ramones many times over the last 20 years- from Brooklyn College
blizzard with Shrapnel - to Jones Beach - Academy- Coney Island-and a bunch
of other New York clubs ... he was like no one else- his voice will never be
matched- he was a true God ! and should be remembered for all the lives he

I am still in shock- and whenever I see Johnny Ramone at a baseball or
horror convention i will hold back a tear -

I am sure Joey is giving the angels their leather jackets now and calling
all the pinheads for a jam...

hey ho Joey
it was nice...


Bye Joey
My wife woke me last night (guess I'm getting old, bein' in bed before ten)
with the news. I'm bummed. Been listening to the Ramones all day.

I was a freshman in high school back in '77 and the Ramones were one of a
small handful of groups who helped me survive. "We're A Happy Family"? Damn,
you mean someone else's life is as fucked up as mine?!? "Gabba Gabba we
accept you, one of us?" Well finally SOMEONE accepts me.

Now I'm pushing 40, but the pain of adolescence never goes away, it just
gets repressed. But the happiness of knowing I had the Ramones to help me
cope also goes on.

Thanks for the help Joey. You'll be missed. Rest In Peace


Love To Joey, Thanx For The Tunes
I named my son after you.
You helped me more than you could ever imagine.
Tell Sid hi and smack that bitch Nancy for me.

Gonna miss Joey
I am yet another misfit, good-for-nothing kid whose life was changed by the
Ramones. Joey is a hero. There's no other way to put it. He's not with Sid
or Elvis or Lennon. He's there with Odysseus and Achylles and Lancelot.

Hey, ho, let's fucking GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo Ramone

Detroit papers blew off Joey, so I bitched.....he deserved more, damned it.
After seeing the bullshit lack of treating Joey's death as meaningful in my
local Detroit Free Press, I pissed this letter in their general direction,
not that it'll matter, but I had to say something damned it....Joey's worth
more than a minor mention in a backpage obituary....

The Freep really let me down in failing to give proper coverage to the death
of one of the most influential performers of the Rock and Roll era, Joey
Ramone. Joey Ramone was, literally, one of the founders of Punk music, and a
forefather to a great deal of today's most popular acts. Despite this,
rather than recieve the minimum front page mention his death deserved, he
was exiled to a couple of columns in the obituary section. Acts like U2,
Green Day, The Offspring, Nirvana, Blink 182, and so on, all have cited the
Ramones as one of, if not the main, influence in their choosen careers and
musical styles.The Ramones, singlehandedly, created a new sound, and added a
much needed lack of seriousness to music at a time when listener choices
were essentially art rock or disco.Despite this, the credit they deserved
was late in coming during their careers, and, apparently, in death as well.

The Freep all but dedicates an entire section to pediopheliac fantasys such
as Britney Spears when she, GASP!, make a new Pepsi commerical, treating
that as if it were news, rather than basic product promotion. While she's
certainly enjoyed tremendous popularity the Ramones never acheived, her
contributions to music and society will most likely be limited to an
increased number of young psuedo-singers and wannabees feeling silicone
implants are a necessary part of teenage life. The Ramones donated a sound,
a style, a genre, an army of influenced musical followers....essentially,
the Ramones, and their unmistakeable singer Joey, left a legacy. They were a
well known, and never forgotten portion of that cherised advertising
demographic, the baby boomers, lives. Once a Ramones fan, none ever stopped
being so, whether or not they continued as active listeners. And for this,
Joey gets two columns in the obituaries.

Freep, I'm disappointed.

  aka Otto( Ramone- as all good fans are)